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Rahma …
One of the reliable organization working on relief the people in Syria, we think they are good.
Sheikh.Mahmoud Dalati, Link for Tweet
who want to donate we suggest Rahma and it’s sisters, we just learn about them all good things. show to Allah from yourselves good.
Dr. Awayed Almutairi, Link for Tweet
Who wants to help the families in Syria and wants an official organization. The best choice is institution of Rahma of humanity
Sheikh. Abdul manea Alagami, Link for Tweet
Brothers, we think them a good organization in the Rahma of humanity.
Dr. Musaed A. Almutairi, Link for Tweet
Foundation for the Rahma of humanity in Turkey, a charity and official organization.
Help the poor in Syria.
I dealt with them only found honesty and honesty
Sheikh. Abdul manea Alagami, Link for Tweet
Brothers in the Arabic Gulf other than yourselves the foundation of the Rahma of humanity which led by trust people.
By God, I despise my care on donation’s money from what I have seen.
Dr. Musaed A. Almutairi, Link for Tweet
Foundation Rahma of humanity is a good organization and led by trust people, Which seeking for the poor and needy in Sham.
Sheikh. Mohammad AlAnzi, Link for Tweet
By God, I saw the keeping of money from the employees of the Rahma of humanity Foundation on donations and I invite you to donate through them.
Dr. Musaed A. Almutairi, Link for Tweet

” statistics “

Displaced and refugees

More than five million displaced and Syrian refugees are distributed in five countries (UNHCR).

Children Suffering

More than 60 percent of the refugees are children aged between one and seventeen years (UNHCR).

Comparison between support and needs

In 2014, refugees received only 47% of the support they needed (UNHCR).

Number of martyrs

116,834 martyrs in 1,505 days, an average of 86 martyrs per day / 1/5/2015 (vdc-sy)

Number of disabled

more than 1,000,000 people are disabled due to combat injuries and indiscriminate shelling

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