Campaign Idea

The suffering of our people in Syria continues to increase day after day for more than four years, the years of its revolution against the regime of injustice and tyranny.
As we bless our Muslim nation by the holy month of Ramadan this year, we remind ourselves and our brothers of the need to stand by the vulnerable of our people and help them to perform their duties in this month, the month of good and charity and doing good deeds.
We have prepared projects that include eating and some material support to alleviate their pain and hardships, and to contribute to bringing joy to the hearts of our children, who have seen nothing but distress and panic, and who have not tasted the sweetness of childhood because of what has happened to them.
We offer you our wish for your good participation in this blessed campaign

Information About Campaign

We seek to cover the cost of breakfast for 10,000 families in the affected areas.
Our people are trapped and displaced inside Syria.
  • Northern Homs countryside
  • Al – Wa’r Neighborhood
  • Arsal camps
  • Southern Homs countryside
  • eastern Gota
  • Neighborhoods of besieged southern Damascus (Yilda – Beit Samh – Babila)
Food basket value: 40$.
The total amount to cover the value of 10,000 food basket: 400000$.

Definition video of Campaign

Why should you trust us?

  • Our company is licensed in the Republic of Turkey and operates with a certified legal declaration.

  • Our team consists of young Syrians who are educated, trained and faithful in the issues of their nation.

  • We document all our jobs to make sure we trust more.

  • We work in a disciplined and organized manner, train our cadres and select the appropriate competencies to support and develop our team.

  • We study the reality and choose the best solutions to deliver your donations to the beneficiaries

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