Campaign Idea

The continuation of the bloody events in Syria in recent years and the insistence of the regime’s machine on targeting civilians with the bombardment of various types of heavy weapons have led to the formation of a new social situation which has resulted in tens of thousands of orphans of the sons of martyrs or those of their own. Any document indicating where they are or even whether they are alive or dead?
In addition to the children of the disabled due to the unjust war against the people who were partially or completely unable to support their families.
This new and growing social situation unfortunately in the country requires all active institutions to intensify efforts and provide all that is necessary to contribute to the rescue of this large segment of the nation, especially if we realize that this problem has turned from a mere orphan problem that may suffer from any society to A pervasive phenomenon that threatens a whole generation of our beloved country, and it is no secret of its neglect of serious repercussions in the near and long term.
In recognition of these dangers, we have launched a campaign to provide material guarantees to our orphaned children.

Information About Campaign

The adequacy of the orphanage and compensation for the breadwinner who lost it as much as possible.
Orphan under the age of 15 years.
  • The Wa’r besieged neighborhood in Homs
  • Northern Homs countryside
  • eastern Gota
  • Minimum warranty for 6 months
  • The most for a year
  • The guarantee shall be extended at the request of the sponsor
  • The monthly sponsorship amount is $ 50

Definition video of Campaign

Why should you trust us?

  • Our company is licensed in the Republic of Turkey and operates with a certified legal declaration.

  • Our team consists of young Syrians who are educated, trained and faithful in the issues of their nation.

  • We document all our jobs to make sure we trust more.

  • We work in a disciplined and organized manner, train our cadres and select the appropriate competencies to support and develop our team.

  • We study the reality and choose the best solutions to deliver your donations to the beneficiaries

How we implement

  • Formation of a specialized committee for orphans consisting of a supervisor and a sufficient number of specialized staff (census archive of periodic reports).
  • Gathering statistics for orphans to be guaranteed by a special form of the Emaar Al Sham Humanitarian Association.
  • Archiving the names of orphans in the tables.
  • Periodic sponsorship for orphans, for example, at the beginning of each month.
  • Set all incoming and outgoing with electronic and other copy and paper.
  • Provide a periodic report of the sponsor on the state of orphans guaranteed health, education and service.
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