Campaign Idea

The fighting and the siege imposed on Al-Wa’ar neighborhood in Homs province for more than a year led to a very high price increase and a huge shortage of essential materials for life.
The number of children in need of milk is estimated at more than 20,000. Children’s milk has become a rare commodity, and many mothers have resorted to unhealthy and unhealthy alternatives.
One may refrain from asking for food for himself, but he is not likely to see his baby starving before his eyes.

Information About Campaign

  • Secure the need of children of milk
  • Reduce the suffering of the people in obtaining milk
  • Preterm children up to the age of two years.
  • Children from 2 to 12 years old.
Northern Homs countryside – Homs besieged (Al – Wa’r neighborhood) – Eastern Ghouta.
The price of a baby milk box is 450 g = $ 5
Each child needs 3 packs of about $ 15 per month.
Total value: 20,000 * 15 = 300000 USD.

Definition video of Campaign

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